In Cambodia

  • The Cambodian ministry of education, youth and sports
  • The persons responsible for the INE, the local schools in charge of pedagogy and the high schools in Cambodia, their correspondents and their translators
  • The persons responsible for VALOFRASE Phnom Penh Cambodia
  • The association « Pour un Sourire d’Enfant »

In France

France Libertés foundation which has always supported” Loire Cambodge” since its creation

  • The local documentation and pedagogical center : our “nest”
  • The local and regional councils, our faithful and main partners. Without their support, our action couldn’t exist.
  • Occasional private supports such as : Caisse des dépots, Terrena 49, Eurintel-Eolane in Angers, Sigma informatique in La Chapelle sur Erdre, Bearing Point in Courbevoie, Lion’s club Cournon in Rives d’Allier.
  • The French association « connected schools »which takes part in professional training in Cambodia
  • Our designers
  • All the members of Loire Cambodge
France Liberte
CDDP Maine-et-Loire
Anjou Conseil General
Region Pays de la Loire