Who are we ?

We are fully employed or retired French teachers who, since 1992 have taken part in various missions to support Cambodian teachers
From 1992 to 1998, we organised and took part in retraining sessions in Cambodia for Math, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Biology and French teachers; Primary schoolteachers too. We created educational tools, courses and various exercises translated in Khmer by bilingual teachers and inspectors. Those missions were organised by France Libertés foundation . it was made easier thanks to a partnership between the foundation and the local documentation center, here, in Angers (France)

This work was continued by the association LOIRE CAMBODGE, created in 1998, as an answer to the needs and wishes of khmer teachers. Through our actions, we followed the orientations given by the Cambodian ministry of education, youth and sports, which has always encouraged our work and judged it useful, as we signed triennial protocoles. The tools we have developped complete those the government created.